Income tax preparation and personal financial management are to top areas of practice. Most clients are individuals desiring personalized service. Many want me to help them stay organized and file all tax returns and related forms.

Clients typically are not highly familiar with all the US tax and other reporting requirements, including Foreign Bank Account Reports (FBARs) and paperwork originating with banks and other financial institutions. Their personal records may not be organized in such a way as to make information easily accessible for filing and planning purposes. I help organize their information, create means for easily gathering and analyzing personal information, and, based on all this, prepare the returns, accompanying forms, related reports, etc. I am happy to work with everything from normal or highly customized electronic workbooks/spreadsheets to masses of hard-copy documents. Documentation might be disorganized and replete with gaps. Reporting with respect to household employees is frequently a source of confusion, and this can be dealt with in an organized, proper fashion.

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ACA Membership Discount For Clients

My clients can join American Citizens Abroad for reduced fee of $35 per annum rather than $70 (regular)/$55 (senior). ACA's website is found at www.americansabroad.org.

Clients Can Apply For SDFCU Banking

Through ACA membership, they can open an account at State Department Federal Credit Union (SDFCU). You do not have to have any presence in the US. The account can be opened entirely online in about 15 minutes.


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