What Do Expats Care About in 2020? New Survey Searches for the Answer

Currently, tensions are high for many expats. Faced with the global Coronavirus pandemic, some expats have returned to the United States. Others choose to stay abroad, uncertain about when they may be able to travel to the US. Many find themselves in a financial crunch. To complicate matters, these worries are combined with a long-standing frustration with the US’s citizenship-based taxation model and cumbersome reporting requirements.

In pivotal times like these, Greenback Expat Tax Services—a leading expat tax preparation service—believes that Americans abroad need to make their voices heard. With so many issues on the minds of leaders and lawmakers, expats’ concerns are at risk of getting lost in the shuffle unless they speak out.

“This survey launches at a critical time when Americans around the world need to make their voices heard,” says Carrie McKeegan, Co-Founder and CEO of Greenback Expat Tax Services. “Our focus has always been to protect and promote the interests of Americans living overseas. When expats take this survey, the results send a powerful message from 9 million expats living abroad.”

While Americans abroad can vote in US elections, they are not counted in the decennial census and have more limited means of promoting their interests than citizens who live within the country’s borders.

“Conducting this survey year-after-year, one of the most important findings is that the majority of Americans abroad feel their interests are ignored by the US government,” says Carrie McKeegan, Co-Founder and CEO of Greenback Expat Tax Services. “Our goal is to help overcome this by getting the survey results into the hands of those who can advocate for expats.”

Last year’s survey, which included responses from over 3,100 expats, found that 89% of expats felt they were not fairly represented by the US government (up 3% from 2018). Also, 71% believed they should be required to pay US taxes while living abroad (4% more than in 2018). A large number wished they could repeal citizenship-based taxation entirely. Based on this, it may not be surprising that 7% of expats had not filed a US tax return the prior year.

In 2020, concerns about healthcare, travel restrictions, and the economy may influence expats’ opinions heavily. When the survey results are released in July 2020, the data may give insight into expats’ role in the upcoming presidential election.

Expats can complete the 2020 Survey until June 15, 2020. In appreciation of their feedback, Greenback will enter participants for a chance to win a $1,000 Hotels.com gift card.

After the survey ends, Greenback will compile the findings to share with Americans abroad, journalists, and expat advocate groups. Sign up for our newsletter to receive these updates automatically.  

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