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White Lighthouse Investment Management

White Lighthouse Investment Management provides fee-only investment management and financial planning services to individuals and families around the world, specializing in serving overseas Americans, especially those in Switzerland.


EFPR Group is a highly diversified Accounting, Business and Consulting firm located in Rochester, New York. EFPR Group specializes in various niche areas, one being international tax consulting and compliance services for businesses & individuals

Rob May

Life insurance - a different perspective.

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July 02, 2020
High Voter Turnout Expected for Expats in 2020
High Voter Turnout Expected for Expats in 2020

US expats have a history of dissatisfaction with taxes, reporting obligations, and their representation in US government. 2020 has brought new challenges, motivating more expats t...

April 27, 2020
Coronavirus Relief Stimulus Payments - What Expats Need to Know
Coronavirus Relief Stimulus Payments - What Expats Need to Know

Within the CARES Act is a provision for a one-time stimulus payment to American individuals, including expats.

April 15, 2020
How Does Your Financial Adviser Stack up?
How Does Your Financial Adviser Stack up?

Jonathan Lachowitz of White Lighthouse Investment Management devised a quiz and scoring system to help US expats choose and evaluate financial advisers.

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