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With clients in over 190 countries worldwide, Bright!Tax is the leading US income tax preparation firm most loved by the 9 million Americans living abroad. US expat tax is all we do, and we are the best at it. Get in touch to find out more.

Bright!Tax specializes in US federal tax filing preparation for Americans living overseas. Expatriate taxes are more complex than those for Americans living Stateside, but there's nothing we haven't seen before! We offer:

- Optimum levels of customer support and satisfaction.Communicate directly with your CPA anytime.

- An innovative, proprietory online client interface that uses bank-grade encryption and allows you to compare your tax returns across multliple years, upload securely, and check your project progress at any time.

- Flat, transparent fees that you know in advance and that once agreed won't change.

- Our American CPAs are the best and the brightest! Many of them are also MBAs in accounting, finance, or tax law, and can provide you with strategic advice to minimize your US tax liability.

- Our aim is to minimize your filing stress and hassle, and we'll bend over backwards to do just that!

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