Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there an extra charge if I post Articles? Will there be Ratings and Reviews of my articles?

If I choose to list at the “Diamond” Level, do I have to use all of the features?

I see that I am listed at the Bronze Level. With this, only my name, Category (“IRS Listed” or “Other Advisors”), address, telephone number, and fax number are shown? If I want to provide additional information, how do I do this?

What is a “PTIN”?

Under “Browse By Category”, what is the difference between “IRS Listed” and “Other Advisors”?

Under Listings of Tax Return Preparers, how do I search for a Preparer?

Who is listed in this Directory?

Can a firm – company, partnership, professional limited liability corporation, other entity – list?

Are persons that are listed somehow graded or ranked?

Where can I look for information about price – that is, how much a Preparer will charge me?

I see that certain Featured Listings of Tax Return Preparers, Featured Classifieds/Special Offerings, and Featured Articles keep cropping up on certain pages, including the Home page. How does this work? And how do I get my Listing, Classified/special offering, etc. highlighted?